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Nature.com: Protected species. Norway wolf cull will hit genetic diversity

Artikkeldato: 3.11.2016
Av: Elina Immonen & Arild Husby

Norway’s regional management authorities have approved plans to cull up to 70% of its grey wolves (Canis lupus). Because the current population consists of just 65–68 individuals, of which only 21 are thought to be sexually mature (see go.nature.com/2euyixy), this cull and the subsequent loss of genetic material would seem to be a significant misstep for ensuring the wolf’s persistence in Norway.

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The Guardian: Romania bans trophy hunting of brown bears, wolves, lynx and wild cats

Artikkeldato: 5. 10. 2016

Unexpected move reverses a trend that has seen increasing numbers of large carnivores shot by hunters each year since Romania’s accession to the European Union

Romania has banned all trophy hunting of brown bears, wolves, lynx and wild cats in a surprise decision that gives Europe’s largest population of large carnivores a reprieve from its most severe and immediate threat.

The move on Tuesday reverses a trend which has seen the number of large carnivores being shot by hunters grow year on year since Romania’s accession into the European Union in 2007. In 2016, the largest hunting quotas yet gave hunters the mandate to shoot 550 bears, 600 wolves and 500 big cats over 12 months.

Over the last decade, hunting has grown into a multimillion-euro industry in Romania, with hunters from all over the world paying up to €10,000 (£8,800) to claim a ‘trophy’ – hunting parlance for the carcass of a hunted animal – from the Carpathian mountains.

The government has claimed that in order to exist, the industry relies on a loophole in European law which allows for the culling of wild animals that have been proven to be a danger to humans. Under the habitats directive, all large carnivores are protected in European Union member states, yet the state can order the killing of specific animals if shown to have attacked a person or damaged private property.

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