takepart: Norway Plans to Kill Two-Thirds of Its 68 Wolves

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Conservationists are fighting the government-sanctioned hunt, which is supposed to deter wolves from preying on sheep.

This is a dreadful time to be a wolf in Norway.

Norwegian officials on Friday approved the killing of 47 wolves, more than two-thirds of the population of about 68 wolves living in the country, a move that has sparked outrage among conservation groups.

Most of the animals live in a designated “wolf zone” in southeastern Norway, the only place where they are allowed to reproduce.

Within the zone, 24 wolves will be shot, while another 13 will be killed in adjacent areas and 10 more culled in other areas of the country.

The government says the wolves are preying on domestic sheep. If carried out, the wolf cull will be the largest one in more than a century.

“We think this is a disastrous decision,” said Arnodd Håpnes, conservation manager for Friends of the Earth Norway. “It’s horrible because wolves in Norway are listed as critically endangered by the [International Union for Conservation of Nature].”

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